Take Your Basketball Game To New Levels By Using These Tips

When you give yourself game goals, you must practice to reach them. Of course, you need to understand the basic techniques before you can actually practice them. These hints will introduce you to some interesting basketball techniques that you can then practice on the court.

Dribble while your head is up and your eyes are forward. By focusing your sight on the ball, you cannot be fully aware of your surroundings. Wherever you go, take your ball with you. Try dribbling even when walking to a store. Maintaining unbroken visual contact with the ball makes it difficult to be aware of your surroundings.

You need good balance when you shoot. Everyone has watched a pro player drift out of bounds while still making their shot, but this isn’t something to emulate. They are improvising. By focusing on balance in your shot, you will develop the consistency needed to be a great scorer.

Be sure to get lots of practice on layups. Layups sometimes wind up being 4 out of every 5 shots in basketball. When you are practicing, run full speed at the goal and make the shot. That technique of running and jumping helps you get ready for an actual game.

Watch professionals play to learn from their techniques. Go to professional games in person and/or watch them online or on TV. You will see that each great player has certain skills that make him great and you can practice what you see him doing.

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Keeping your fingers spread will facilitate better ball handling. This will help you to be sure that it won’t escape your grasp when trying to hold it. Don’t allow yourself to have your palm touching the ball either. Only use your fingers to dribble, pass or shoot.

If you are shooting as well, pay attention to the position of your shoulders. If your shoulders aren’t correct, you may not be able to make the shots. Ensure that you line up your shoulders so that they are squared with the basketball net. You should also make sure that your dominant shoulder is lined up with the rim.

Speed is a key attribute in the game of basketball. You’ll have an advantage if you’re faster than an opponent. You have to be steady as you play quickly. Never try though to get too fast that you can’t make any plays. You will not be able to control your moves if you play faster than you are able to.

Consistent free throws require a consistent technique. If you don’t have one, your accuracy may suffer. You should work on your free throw techniques as much as possible until they become a second nature. If you are off your game, you will not make the shot.

Being a good defensive player means disrupting the game of your opponent. Force them to leave their comfort zone. When you are guarding, do so aggressively. Other players should not influence the plays you make. If you let them, they’ll totally take the control from you. Make your moves first and end their patterns.

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It can be great help to do strength training when you’re training for basketball. Strength, flexibility and stamina are all important things to have in basketball. Proper exercise allows younger players and older players an improved physical presence on the court. Use weights when they get older. As an adult, strength training becomes vital in order to play your best basketball.

When you are on the defense, the key is to stay as low as you can. Doing so improves your reaction time with regards to your opponents’ actions. Stay in your defensive stance all the time. When you must break from your stance in order to block shots, make sure to return to form right away.

Only stop dribbling when you are prepared to shoot or pass the ball. When you stop dribbling, then you limit your options. If you decide not to shoot a basket or pass the ball on, you are only allowed to pivot on the heal that is furthest back. Then, you will be vulnerable to being double teamed by the opposition, and you are likely to have the ball stolen.

Don’t just practice while static; try to move around while shifting your weight to learn how to best control the ball. This will happen during games frequently. It is possible to be completely open, but it is also possible to be surrounded. Going through the court will be easier if you can quickly adjust your direction without interrupting your dribbling. Not being able to do this leaves you open for the ball to be stolen.

Double dribbling is considered a foul. This occurs whenever you resume dribbling after a brief pause. Once you’ve stopped dribbling, you can only pass the ball or shoot the ball. Once you have stopped dribbling you have to get rid of the ball. If you do, it’s called a turnover and your opponent will be given the ball.

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For the best balance, make sure you land with your feet spread apart. Keep your hands along any side and hold it up to your chest tightly. Take care with the movement of your elbows, since hitting the opponent will produce a foul.

Always keep your eyes on the ball. A big part of a basketball game are rebounds. It does not matter how well you defend when the opponent takes a shot and misses, if you cannot get the ball back.

To be very good at basketball you need to learn how to pivot. Practice your footwork until you aren’t even aware of what you are doing. Being able to pivot will increase your reaction time and make you a better passer.

A good defender will put pressure on whoever is in control of the ball. The other player can dribble or hold onto the ball for as much as five seconds if you are six feet away from them. Make the opponent think about the five count instead of scoring.

Regardless of your ability, by using the advice above you are sure to see improvement. Begin using the tips above to help improve your overall game. You can get better and better in every way from rebounding to passing to taking the perfect shot.