NFL “unable to confirm” the statement made to Eugene Chung, or who said it

Eugene Chung made a general allegation of an inappropriate comment during a job interview with an NFL team. He declined to get specific. Thus, not surprisingly, the NFL’s investigation of the matter went nowhere.

The league issued a statement on Thursday that, without using such obvious terminology, closes the book on the investigation.

“Following public reports of comments made in a conversation with former NFL player and coach Eugene Chung — comments that have no place in the NFL or in any contemporary workplace — we undertook a review of the matter,” the NFL said, via Mike Garafolo of NFL Media.

“After multiple discussions, including with Mr. Chung and his representative, we were unable to confirm the precise statement that was made, or by whom and under what circumstances any such statement was made.”

Again, if Chung isn’t going to provide details, no investigation will confirm anything. Unfortunately, some will interpret the league’s statement as a not-so-subtle suggestion that the league decided Chung wasn’t truthful. The truth is that he chose not to be fully and completely candid.

“Nevertheless, we intend to use this occasion to reinforce the commitment of the NFL and of every NFL club ensure appropriate interview processes and develop diverse, inclusive, and respectful workplaces on and off the field,” the league said. “Mr. Chung has offered to assist us moving forward and we welcome the opportunity to speak with him about how we can better advance employment opportunities throughout the League.”

The best way would be for Chung to tell his entire story, so that whoever said to Chung that he’s “not the right minority” so that a clear instance of an inappropriate comment during an interview can be properly handled and disciplined.